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PQ Labs G5 Multi-Touch Overlay – 32″

The G5 is advancing large format touch screen accuracy to a new level. With the development of the G5 4K technology, the G5 is now able to handle more precise applications like never before. Say goodbye to thick capacitive touch pen and using your familiar pen or pencil again.

Popular sizes from 32" to 84"

With 18 different touch overlay sizes ranging from 32 to 84 inches, we have a solution for
almost any application.

Plug And Play Installation

Easy to apply design and plug-and-play USB interface enables anyone to turn almost any TV into a touch screen in mere minutes.

USB Interface: No drivers needed! Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Setup in Minutes: 3M VHB Tape makes setup convenient and fast.

2K or 4K Touch Resolution

Choose between the standard 2K touch accuracy or staggering 4K touch fidelity for smooth, high-end touch precision.

Anti-Sunlight Protection

Our touch overlays stay responsive even in direct sunlight. 150,000 Lux Protection keeps your screen responsive even in direct sunlight making them an ideal solution for outdoor events and outreach programs.

Protective Gorilla Glass Available

Keep your screens safe from even the most excited visitors. Corning Gorilla Glass stays tough even in the roughest of situations.

100+ PSI Protection: Gorilla Glass stands strong under the toughest use.

Scratch Resistant: Ability to resist deep scratches that weakens glass.

Use your finger, stylus, or even a pencil

Higher resolution touch overlays allows objects as small 1.5mm to be detected seamlessly letting you use almost anything as a touch tool.

Collaborate With Your Entire Team

With up to 50 touch points, your entire team can collaborate on the same project simultaneously. No need for multiple stations or awkward standing keyboards.

From Touch Screen To Kiosk And More

Easily transform your touch screen into a sleek, modern kiosk in minutes with our line of durable, trendy enclosures. Or wall mount your touch screen to seamlessly integrate it into any environment.